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Us May 09

The Year of Magical Thinking

Last night we saw The Year of Magical Thinking, a play adaptation of Joan Didion's account of the year after her husband died and during the horrific illness of their daughter. It was a two-nights only at the Gloucester Stage Company where we are subscribers. It's a one actress play that lasts for close to two hours and starred Nancy Carroll who gave a brilliant performance (she did at the Lyric Stage earlier this year).

Although I've never read the book, I'd think that seeing this dramatization would be a lot more powerful than the book because it is so personal. It's a pretty powerful story. Of course it made me think a lot about death and its aftermath for the survivor.

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Nancy Carroll has been in quite a few Gloucester Stage productions -- and she's in another one coming up later this month (David Hare's The Breath of Life). And I agree, she's wonderful.

Nancy Carroll is in the next GSC play running for two weeks starting next week - The Breath of Life by David Hare - she's co-starring with Paula Plum, another actress that I like who often appears in plays done there.

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As it turns out we went last night. If you were come up earlier than theatre start we could meet for dinner....

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