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Computer name dilemma

I ordered a new MacBook Pro to replace my 7 year old PowerBook. It wont come for a few days since it is being shipped UPS ground. The big dilemma is what to name it.

The PowerBook is de la Rue for Pierre de la Rue. This iMac is Clemens non Papa, my older iMac is Machaut, and Obrecht is my old 2cpu G4. I also have no longer used but operational Ockeghem - a Beige G3 converted to a G4 which runs OS9, and I think Palestrina, a 604 is in the basement. In the past I've had Dufay and Lassus. Josquin was my Windows machine.

There's always Gabrieli or Monteverdi but I am thinking of Ludovicus Episcopius because I like the sound of that name and I think I'm going to go with full names from now on.

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Well, if you go for Gabrieli or Monteverdi (or Gesualdo for that matter), you're branching out into the Baroque; I'd be inclined to reserve that for a new and different type of machine.

If you do call it Ludovicus Episcopius, I hope I never have to say its name out loud; if I do, I'm going with "Louie the Bishop".

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