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Something's up

There's been an important meeting going on in our household. It commenced a few days ago and it had continued for much more time than we had expected.

The Senior people have been running it - Lawrence the Koala, Teddy, and Martha the monkey. These are all people who have held management positions in our household back in the days when we had a hierarchical management structure and Martha also apparently had a short career as a judge, or so she tells us. This meeting was precipitated by Marcus, our mountain beaver, who a few days ago started claiming that he was a hippopotamus. Bartholomew, our hippopotamus, was apparently somewhat offended and there was a lot of chit chat among various people about this situation.

Marcus was allowed to bring his boyfriend Daniel to the meeting and Bartholomew brought his friend Balboa. No-one else was invited. We had expected a press conference or some sort of communication but nothing has emanated. Perhaps like many business meetings it has turned into a boondoggle and we will never hear about what was decided. Or maybe we will.

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how curious

a RED hippo snuggling up to a Republican Icon

I smell infiltration

Well, Balboa is just acting as Bartholomew's "representative"; his (Balboa's) regular boyfriend is Xerxes the lion.

I think the senior people have to face some boots-on-the-ground issues before they can proceed on a going-forward basis.

I find myself sympathizing with Marcus. If he says he's a hippo, who am I to say he's not?

On the other hand, I can see why Bartholomew is upset. It's a very sensitive situation. I hope Lawrence, Teddy and Martha can ease the tension.

They apparently settled the matter amicably although they never really explained it. In fact a couple of nights ago everyone claimed they were hippopotami, lions, and mountain beavers.

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