JWG (jwg) wrote,

Vermont Camping Trip

As a bunch of us usually do, we went camping in a Vt State park this labor day weekend. The weather was gorgeous although a bit cool during the night. There were ten of us and we spend most of our time preparing food, eating, and cleanup. We did take a jaunt on Lake Groton in canoes on Saturday and a hike up Owl's head ( a nearby mountain) on Sunday.

On Sunday night I had a pair of odd dreams. In the first one which was quite geeky, I was trying to write some software but the documentation wasn't clear so I didn't know how to do it. I was complaining to someone and didn't want to appear to negative and then I realized I was talking to Bill Gates. In the second one I was apparently a baseball manager and was discussing with Manny Ramirez his outrageous behavior (he had plenty of it while on the RedSox). I was trying to be diplomatic and still in the middle of this he called me a racist. Huh?

The view of Kettle Pond from Owl's head:

Some of the viewers (Robert, Sean, Chris, Peter, Howard, Rich, Jeff):

A lovely piece of graffiti on the building on the top:

Robert and Chris in the building:

A fallen tree stump in the woods along the trail:
Tags: camping, personal

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