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an award received

Cambridge (MA) has a GLBT Commission appointed by the City Manager; I am one of the Co-chairs. For the past several years we have worked with the City Manager, the City Council, and the Police Department to get GLBT training included as part of their regular training program. And we were successful such that every officer received such training and it is included in the new officers training as well. The training is done by members of the Gay Officers Action League of New England (GOAL). We are now working with the Fire Department to get this training included for them and the EMT personnel.

This week I heard from the GOAL leadership that the Commission was selected for A Community Service Award. Some of us and the point person in the Police Department are invited to their annual banquet at the end of October to receive this award.

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That's terrific, John. You are one of the movers and shakers!

That is very cool. And very impressive. Congratulations!

Great work and great to be recognized!

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