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Cambridge Public Library Opening

On Thursday I went to the ribbon cutting ceremony of the new Cambridge Public Library. I was heavily involved in the project as a member of the Library21 committee which was charged with determining the need and the program and help build resident support, and then the Design Advisory Committee which worked with the Architects. The Library21 committee first met in May of 1996. It was created because a previous plan had been shot down because of neighborhood opposition. 13 1/2 years later we have a new facility - to open for service on November 8.

The library is a renovation of the late nineteenth century building and a huge new modern addition - a magnificent juxtaposition of the old and the new. They ripped down the ugly 1967 addition, did a first-class renovation of the old building - inside and out - and built a new building with lots of glass with the highest degree of LEED certification. The project also included an underground parking garage, renovation of the park and some work on the adjoining high school.

This room was cluttered with old shelving and was in pretty bad shape.

The Ten Commandments are on the wall in the computer room that was originally where the desk for requesting items from the closed stacks were. They must remain there according to conditions in the bequest from Frederick Rinnge who gave the land and the building in the 19th century,

A part of the Children's room on the top floor of the new addition.

The New Books section. It used to be a couple of shelves in the entrance hall with little room to display anything.
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