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Last night we went to see Tully at the Kendall Sq Cinema - always a source of fine movies.

It takes place on a Nebraska farm and is a slow-paced beauty of a film. A sad, hardworking father mourning his dead wife, two sons (one is Tully, a Lothario, the other Earl - a more gentle soul) and a sweet freckled-face girl are the characters coping with the realities of farming, rural life and a serious family crisis. It's all about the personalities and relationships between these people and was really well done. The people and the situations seemed very real; each was well developed and portrayed. I felt the sense of the farm and the struggles of the young men to deal with the work, the family tensions, and their libidos. The acting was superb - they all seemed like real people to me. Cheers for Independent films without big-name stars. Go see it if you can.

I really like movies like this that have mid-western farming themes and the hardships of farming, and focus on the inter-personal relationships. Northern Lights (1978) which takes place in N Dakota and Country (1984) were two others that struck me the same way. I need to dredge out my Northern Lights Video tape to see if is still OK. There is an incredible scene in Northern Lights where they struggle to harvest the wheat as a terrible blizzard starts - it was so beautifully portrayed.

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I am guessing you mean Landmark, here in Peoria, Illinois we have a Landmark complex which has a 10 or 12plex, bowling, gym and it is conveniently located by the interstate across from Wal-Mart and the bingo hall.

The best rural film I remember is that short about the guy discovering his lost dad's Hawaiian music records then going off in search of, interspersed with trips to the cruisy park. My dad was in WWII but stuck around.

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