JWG (jwg) wrote,

Back and forth

I wanted to transfer some stock from my Fidelity Account to State St Bank for a charitable gift annuity.

- I called Fidelity - they said contact State St it was better if they initiated it
- I called State St Bank - they said go to Fidelity because they must initiate it
- I went to Fidelity (Cambridge) to deliver a letter of instructions with the State St information; they said to go to State St
- I went to State St and they said go to Fidelity
- I went to Fidelity (Boston) and they accepted my letter of instructions.

There were several - you could FAX it - suggestions in this. The State St bank person that I conferred with was the correct person. Of the three Fidelity people I talked to, the last one seemed to actually know what he was doing.

Downtown Boston remains confusing, but having GoogleMaps on my phone helped. State St Bank is not on State St. The MBTA gained by selling me two extra rides and Finagle-a-Bagel gained by selling me lunch.
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