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2009 in review

We had a nice quiet evening at home. Watched La Bohème - the Movie that we'd Tivo'd a few days ago and between acts had this "champagne" and nuts and Brie. Should have had it during the Café Momus scene, I suppose. This bottle reflects the event that starts in a few minutes where the Bruins play Hockey in Fenway Park - and mimics the scoreboard. (I'm still waiting for the Red Sox to play in the Garden).

Today we go to the annual party of an old work colleague and later to the monthly Contra Dance for experienced dancers in Concord.

Last year was a very nice year; uneventful and no health crises to deal with. I turned 71 and in spite of the fact that I've been officially a "senior" for a few years have not yet reached middle-age.

We travelled to Guana Island (BVI) for our close to 20th time, to the Bay Area for a visit to the Big Sur, some friends and Queer Dance camp, to Portland (OR) for the motsscon, camping in Vermont, to LCFD Dance Camps in Woodstck (CT) and Becket (MA) and to Philadelphia to visit Robert's father, brother and sister in law - and yes they are my in-laws too.

Our garden was pretty good this year - the lettuce bed thrived now that it has been moved from being in the middle of the woods (the trees grew a lot since we started it); the blueberry crop was good, and the strawberries were fine in spite of our being away for a few days at their peak.

We went to lots of concerts in Jordan and Symphony Halls; Rusalka, Don Giovanni, and Carmen at the Boston Lyric Opera; about 15 games at Fenway Park; over 30 Contra dances in JP, Cambridge, Concord, and Montague; and about 25 English Country dances in JP and Cambridge; and 3 weekend dance camps including the 20th anniversary LCFD dance camp in Becket.

In the fall the newly renovated Cambridge Public library opened; I'm proud to say I was part of the process that led to this design. The architects and contractors did a great job and we have a wonderful facility - even better than I expected and my expectations were high. Also the West Cambridge Youth/Community Center opened - I was also very involved in that process - and is a very nice building. There was one contra dance there, and another is scheduled in mid-February. There still is a chance that the Thursday night dance could more back there if the city is willing to lower the rent (a good idea since then instead of the hall being empty most of the time it will be in great use). The GLBT Commission of which I am co-chair got an award from GOAL, Gay Officers Action League, for our work to get GLBT training into the Cambridge Police Force.
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