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GLBT youth activities in Cambridge on Wednesday

Yesterday I went to the Project 10 East (the GSA at the Cambridge High School first formed in 1988) meeting as representative of the GLBT Commission. P10E had gotten into an almost dormant state but a new Diversity Coordinator was hired in September and he and the faculty member assigned have been revitalizing it. This meeting was well attended - mostly 9th graders, and there was a lot of talk about how to reach out to other students and get more people involved in the organization planning events. The kids were pretty energized, talked a lot (I got to talk too) and were happy that there were some boys there because most recent meetings were all girls. The moderators worked hard on trying to get more of the kids to take more responsibility for this organization so it wasn't only staff. I'm going to stay plugged in and go to some more meetings - I'm now on the mailing list.

In the evening I went to a filming organized by the GLBT family liaison in the school department (mostly focusing on K-8) where they showed Straightlaced. This was a film composed of interviews of a large number of teenagers about gender and sexuality issues - now it affected what clothes they wore, how they talked, and as the film developed they got into more issues such as those faced by transgender people. I thought it was a very well made film and well worth seeing. Afterward we talked a while about how to get more exposure to the film. The Diversity Coordinator is planning on showing it to the HS gym classes. We talked about how to get the teachers to see it because discussion afterwards would be valuable to help address how to deal with bullying, name calling, and other such things.
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