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In Memory of Margaret Wilmot (1924-2009)

Yesterday we went to Gloucester for the memorial service for Margaret Wilmot. We knew her because she and rsc sung in the Boston Cecilia and the Cape Ann Singers some years ago. Among other things she had been a teacher in Manchester Public Schools, and then did some work in the Gloucester Public Schools. I learned via my Facebook post about this yesterday that persis had been one of her students in Manchester. More recently she served on the Gloucester School Committee for several terms.

After retirement she sailed around the world in a small (not very) boat for several years on an incredible voyage - her role in addition to enjoying the trip was to teach the two kids from the family because they were missing school.

She was a charming person, I knew her mostly from various parties, often at her house. She was born in England and still had a touch of native accent. She was very articulate about lots of subjects and I can still "hear" her voice (accent and manner of speaking) - my memory of this was even stronger in the UU church where the service was held.

Readings included a poem of hers and other things that she liked. Various chorus members led by Don Teeters sung: How lovely is Thy dwelling-place from the Brahms German Requiem. Also Britten's A Shepherd's Carol and Chrales Villier Stanford's The Blue Bird. Several of the readers remarked how she enjoyed single malt scotch so last night for our evening drinks we toasted her with some of ours.

Among the photos was a caption with a quote by her:
Middle Age is when you see clearly all the things that need to be done just in time to lack the energy to do them.
I take that as more proof that I am not middle aged since I still have the energy to do all the things that I should be doing but am not.

So in memory of a lovely person who lived a full life I can only smile as I am sure is true for her family members and friends.
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