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The caps did it!

So, we were watching game 4 of the RedSox Oakland series, we were behind 4-3, it was the bottom of the eighth inning, there were 2 outs, Nomar was on third, Manny on first, David Ortiz was up and he was 0 for 16 in the series, the count was 2 and 1.

I suddenly remembered rsc and I weren't wearing our RedSox caps so I rushed over grabbed them and put them on us, pointing with a big grin and sat down again.

Another ball, another swinging strike, and then he hit a double, Nomar and Manny scored, we went ahead 5-4 which was enough to win the game.

It was definitely the caps!

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It was quite the game. I tried not to watch but I couldn't. Those jerky announcers didn't even mention your caps. They acted like the go ahead runs were a surprise. Go figure.

It's probably worth mentioning, in case it isn't clear from jwg's post, that we weren't actually at the game on Sunday -- we were home watching it on TV. We always wear our Sox caps at the ballpark.

So, Susan, who are you rooting for? You could reasonably regard either team as The Enemy.

Somehow I did figure you were at home watching it on TV.

Yes, both teams are THE ENEMY and every game is torture. I'm trying not to watch. But, when I can't do that, I'm rooting for the guys who are losing. Except, you know what? It's way too hard to root for Oakland.

I have issues.

It's way too hard to root for Oakland.

I know what you mean. Since I abominate the Metrodome, and I certainly didn't want Derek Lowe pitching there, I should have been rooting for the Yankees over the Twins, but I just couldn't.

This time, we were having lunch at, of all places, The Cheesecake Factory, in Cambridge. We didn't hear the cheer all the way from Fenway Park, but there was a big cheer right there in the restaurant. We didn't quite know what had happened, but we figured that the sox had taken the lead.

Reminds me of the time I was in Dali eating with Intel/NU people who had put on the HPCA conference. I figured out the Pats had won the superbowl because I could hear the cheering on the street every time someone opened the door to the restaurant.

Whatever you do, DON'T TAKE THEM OFF.

thank heavens you figured it out in time!

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