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Boobies in the Galapagos

Boobies are very prevalent in the Galapagos. These Pacific versions are more interesting than the Boobies we see in the Caribbean. We saw lots of Red Footed, Blue Footed, and Nasca Boobies. The red footed ones are quite talented with their wide feet that can curl around a branch so they don't need to poise on the ground and they have a nice blue beak.

Fabulous Feet:

Nasca Boobies are not to be confused with NASCAR boobies (apparently many women flaunt their boobs at NASCAR events)

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Gorgeous feet. Why do birds never mind standing in their own waste? It's eternally baffling.

(Deleted comment)
Dunno, but a couple of people on our tour did get, um, anointed.

I spent several weeks in Nicaragua while I was in high school. My host family kept chickens in the yard of one of their homes; they roosted in a tree next to the house. A friend of the family took to telling me local proverbs, one of which was: "Life is like a chicken tree; those above on the ones below."

erm, I forgot that angle brackets cause a problem: "those above *poop* on the ones below".

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