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Peliguins and Penicans

Ah those p-birds.

We saw a few penguin colonies along the rocky shore. One day while deep water snorkeling what looked like several torpedos shot by me at high speed. Aha, these are penguins I realized and I tried to chase after one but it was much faster than me. At about the same time a cormorant shot by me. Galapagos penguins are the smallest ones and the only ones that live on the equator; they are endangered. I thought all penguins lived in cold climates such as Antarctica. These spend lots of time in the water to keep cool.

I've always been a big fan of Pelicans. When we are in the BVI we see lots of them diving for fish - I have a couple of good movies of them diving and the subsequent eating. I can't find any decent pictures of them in flight or diving from my set taken on this trip.

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The only penguins I've ever seen in person (or, rather, in penguin) were on a hot day in New Zealand. They did not look nearly as penguin-y as these do and I, too, was confused by their living where it does not ever get frigid. We could not get terribly close so I don't know if they had a Kiwi accent or not.

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