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The Federal Census is underway

With great pleasure we will be able to have our same-sex marriage counted in the 2010 census. Originally this was not going to be done but some good lawyering showed that it wasn't a DOMA violation. The Census bureau is doing a lot of outreach to the GLBT community and the Cambridge GLBT Commission is doing a bunch of things.

The big challenge is to get people to actually fill out their forms. The Census bureau has an App that lets you type in a ZipCode and see the 2000 Census results. It is pretty dismal in some neighborhoods. Among other things people don't trust the government; the Census bureau says that the information will not be released. (Interestingly it says that after 72 years the data will be released - I wonder where they came up with that number?).

A big question remains in our household before we fill out the form - in particular who is to be Person 1 and who is to be Person 2. Several choice methods have been suggested - I was the first person to live here rsc was party A in our marriage; RockPaperScissors. I wonder in opposite sex marriages what percentage of men are Person 1?

The form allows for 12 people in a household with no instructions about what to do if there are more than 12 people (some of our people are lobbying to be included, but since none of them can write or read we don't really have to deal with this).

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In our house, whoever fills out the form gets to be Person 1.

Here too. And since I'm the genealogist, that's me.

For some reason I had the idea that each of us would fill out his own data. Now I think about it, I can't come up with a reason for this belief.

(Interestingly it says that after 72 years the data will be released - I wonder where they came up with that number?)

Average lifespan. They figure 72 years after you show up in a given census, you'll either be dead or too old to care :)

Isn't there some notice in your kitchen that for some arcane reason rsc is the dishwasher in perpetuum? (or possibly perpetuo, I never took latin)

I think that means that the dishwasher gets to choose who will be Person 1.

I think we'll flip a coin.

We tried RPC once but both shot paper.

I think they should have had a question about how couples decided who was Person 1.

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