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Sox Win!!! Yankee's next...

Ok, we were watching the game in front of fire since it is 41 degrees outside and we put our caps on during Manny's at bat in the sixth. 2 pitches later he hit a homerun knocking in Damon and Walker to take the lead.

A scary collision in the outfield between Damon and Jackson (who'd been put in for Walker for defensive reasons) knocked out Damon. He was taken off the field in an ambulance - but did wave to the crowd as he left. (They think he's OK but is staying in the hospital overnight).

And then a scary ninth started by 2 Williamson walks where we had a one run lead. Lowe came in and after a sacrifice bunt, a strikeout, and a walk he struckout T Long to capture the win.

It took a while for my heart to slow down.

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It took a while for my heart to slow down.

You, too?

It took a while for my heart to slow down and I didn't want anyone to win! That was a game. And that collision was frightening. But, I did wonder the whole time about you guys and your caps.

Both of his strike 3 pitches were beautiful, with that wicked break at the last possible moment to catch the inside of the plate. Two of the nicest pitches I have seen.

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