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Us May 09

Robert's birthday dinner at Lumiere

Last night we went to celebrate rsc's birthday at Lumiere in West Newton. I'd read reviews before and when I saw a recent reference in the Globe because the chef, Michael Leviton, had been nominated again for a James Beard award I suggested it.

It was a most excellent meal; The Menu looked quite interesting; we had the Chef's Menu with wine pairings - one advantage of going this approach is that no decisions have to be made. It was five courses with an amuse bouche and whatever the equivalent at the end. Sometimes at good restaurants when you order tea you get lukewarm water and a box of tea bags; not so here. There was a nice pot and an egg timer to tell you when it was ready.


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It was indeed a wonderful meal. The amuse-bouche was asparagus mousse. "Tonight's fish" for the first course was striped bass. I'm not generally fond of blue cheeses, but this one was very nice, without too much of that "moldy" flavor that puts me off most blues. And I don't know how "sour cream sorbet" is possible, but I also don't care; it was delicious, as was everything else.

Thank you for this special feast, and for calling this place to my attention.

Happy belated birthday, Robert!

The food looks divine....!

Yum!!! I do love the timer for the tea. When I read that at the top of the entry, my immediate thought was a kitchen timer and 'ugh! a bell going off at an elegant dinner??!' Thanks for the tea pic. I can rest easy.

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