JWG (jwg) wrote,

MotssCon XXIII - day 1

OK, so it was over 3 weeks ago... But here come some pictures from the MotssCon in Miami Beach and environs.

This was the 23rd annual one and the 20th consecutive one that we've gone to. soc.motss (originally net.motss) was created in 1983 as a Usenet newsgroup and still exists although not as active; many of the now or past active posters have met face-to-face.

On the first day we went to a number of places (Robert is Here, Fruit and Spice Park, and Schnebly Winery) that sold interesting food products.

That evening we went to Michael's Genuine Food and Drink for a fancy dinner that was quite wonderful.
Tags: motss-con, motsscon23, tradition
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