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moi 1946


I think this tractor at Robert is Here is a Massey Harris Pony - I could find no ID on it by the grille and the steering wheel look correct and the body is a bit offset. When I was a youngster (well, I still am one in spirit) we had Massey Harris Pony on our "farm" in Stormville, NY. Ours was a 1950 model. This is the vehicle that I learned to drive on. I remember that it was a real pain to put on the mower or switch to cultivators or other attachments.

Seen at Fairchild Tropical Garden (an early Honeywell computer - not one that I wrote a Fortran compiler for ...)

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"Massey Harris Pony" gets "About 939,000" rgh (raw Google hits); who'd 'a' thunk it? With this as the top hit. The page says
This Web-site is brand new so keep your eye on it, I hope it will turn into a site that will aid and entertain anyone interested in the Pony tractor".
But it doesn't seem to have gotten very far and was last updated 12/24/07.

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