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Phew! Now to switch caps for a while

The Red Sox did it; we were wearing our caps at crucial moments - and we went ahead and stayed that way (with close to normal heart rate). Now there is tomorrow.

Now it's the Cubs do or die game - though they started by giving up 3 runs in the first. And I have my 1914 Cubs cap ready to don.

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Damn! Do you have any caps with the ticker symbols of undervalued stocks on them?

Hmmmm . . . maybe I should save my investment $$; unless I can cash out at the fourth inning . . .

y'all better be SLEEPING in those caps, if that's what it takes.

Actually, we consider it unwise to waste their power. We don't generally put them on until a crucial situation arises, in the 6th inning or later.

(Except, of course, when we're actually at the game.)

oh boy, could we use those caps now

We were wearing them then, but to no avail. I also yelled and screamed at Grady to take Pedro out, but apparently he couldn't hear me.

there was an entire city shouting at him to take pedro out, and he still managed not to hear.

first thing he should do in his copious post-being-fired time is purchase a hearing aid, perhaps?

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