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Pride Day in Cambridge and Boston

From Riots to Rights, theme of Boston and Cambridge Pride. We started the day with the Pride Brunch in City Hall - the 20th one of these, and then were off to the 40th Anniversary Pride March.

At the Pride Brunch hosted by the Mayor's Office and the GLBT Commission (I'm a co-chair) we opened with a welcoming speech from Mayor David Maher (the 3rd consecutive Gay Mayor of Cambridge!). He highlighted all the GLBT supportive things taken place in Cambridge (e.g. 1st same-se marriage in the US). At the high school graduation, the Valedictorian came out to the cheers of 400 students. Last year the biggest event at the high school was the counter protest against the Phelps crowd (our commission helped make it happen) where hundreds of high school students participated and most wore pink triangles.

Our Key note address was by Marty Walz, a state Rep and one who was key in getting the anti-bullying bill passed this year. She summarized it - there are provisions for training for the entire staff (teachers ... cafeteria workers) to deal with bullying with means to make principles accountable for this area. It applies to Private and Parochial schools as well as Public Schools which is great and somewhat unusual.

Recognition Awards were given to a high-school student, to Rev Leslie Sterling, the Episcopal minister who bravely took a stand on performing a same-sex marriage (to the then Mayor of Cambridge - Denise Simmons) and Chris Mason & Potter DeBella who last summer drove through all 48 states collecting and filming stories of GLBT people - Driving Equality.

I gave the closing remarks and then we bussed off to Boston for the March.

IN the March 9 GLBT dance organizations marched together behind a truck with music. We did some Contra Dancing behind the truck which was challenging and fun. The mic didn't work so Chris who called did it with hand signals. We handed out lots of literature.

And now off to get something to eat and then tonight's Gender Free Contra Dance.
Tags: contra dance, local politics, tradition

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