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contra dancing on NPR

There was a really nice segment about Contra Dancing on All Things Considered yesterday. It emphasized how young people are really getting into it these days. Several of the quotes by people were fun:
"a rhythmic swirl of awesomeness"
"getting order out of chaos"
"a quilting with humans"

We sometimes say "aerobic flirting"

Some of my favorite bands with interesting instrumentation were included - Perpetual e-Motion who we had in JP last Saturday (they are two people but with electronic additions which includes patching in themselves so they appear to be 4-6 musicians), Elixir (which includes clarinet, trumpet, and trombone), and Wild Asparagus (complete with bombard).

The interview was with David Millstone who was our caller at spring dance camp and has made some really neat about contra dance communities and people - I have them all.