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article about Cambridge GLBT Commission

A few weeks ago I asked for and got interviewed by Marc Levy who publishes a nice web site about things happening in Cambridge - called CambridgeDay. We are trying to get more visibility for the Commission. He just published the article about the GLBT Commission.

He did a pretty good job in his description of a lot of things - my name got mentioned a few too many times, but...

One of the things that the Commission did was to work with the Police department on refining their Hate Crime definition to properly cover GLBTQ issues and training. We got them to add a GLBT training element to their regular syllabus. Every officer got a six hour session and it is included in the new recruits training. The training was done by the Gay Officers Action League (GOAL) and they gave us an award for our work - which we received at a banquet.

I thought I had a better picture of the award taken when I had it at home but I couldn't find it (it is now in the Mayor's office trophy case).

From left to right is Sarav Chidhambaram (co-chair), Lt Steve Ahern (GLBT liaison in CPD), Joanne Shapiro (CPD training coordinator), Toni Snow (GLBT Commissioner), me (co-chair), E Denise Simmons (then Mayor), Robert Haas (CPD head), Gloria Kinkaid (Mayor's guest and substitute for her wife).

Photos by Sarav.
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