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Baseball Addiction

I heard it said that one shot of cocaine and you are addicted. Who is to believe that? OK, two shots maybe.

When I was a kid, living in NYC - I was a fan - Yankees no less. My father was a Giants fan (they were in NYC then). I listened to some games on the radio - Mel Allen was the broadcaster and I followed the team. I went to a few games at Yankee Stadium, Ebbetts Field, and the Polo Grounds. Some of my classmates were more serious and some knew many stats up-to-the day; I wasn't that interested. Then my interest dwindled. I was a lukewarm Milwaukee Braves fan for a couple of years in high school.

And then baseball disappeared from my life. I didn't read the sports pages at all. I didn't even connect with the fact that the Red Sox were in the World Series in 1967 and 1975. I don't remember people at work talking about baseball. Once some of us from work went to a game at Fenway Park and it seemed to be a foreign entity to me although we had a good time.

Just one game.

Fast Forward to 1986. I was aware that the Red Sox were in the World Series. And during the first or second game I said to rsc, "oh let's look at the game". And we watched the rest of the series. I was slightly rooting for the Mets - remember the RedSox were the enemy in my youth. After this we'd occasionally look at the results in the paper. In 1988 they fired the manager and hired a new one - Joe Morgan. The Sox won 19 out of 20 games and suddenly we started noticing baseball, reading the results and occasionally watching a game. Games that were late didn't make the newspaper so sometimes it was hard to find the results. A year or so later we went to a game; and then several more. And the next thing you know we bought seasons tickets - ~50 weekday games. We split them with 3 other sets of people so we go to 12-15 games a year. Unless we are at some social or dance event we watch the game on TV - so that's 3 hours down the drain every day. Plus checking the Net and reading the newspaper. Now with my Droid I can check where-ever I am.

I've gone to games in Philadelphia, Detroit, San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, Oakland, Minneapolis, NYC (both Mets and Yankees), and Chicago (Cubs). Still want to go to Pittsburgh and Baltimore to see those ballparks.

Tonight is a free evening - the RedSox aren't playing.
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