JWG (jwg) wrote,

Music at Killooleet

Folk music and its evolution has thrived at Killooleet. The many members of the Seeger family with direct and indirect connections had an influence. At this reunion, singing by individuals, small groups, and everyone were part of the memorial and a key part of the campfire (which I hear went on until 3:30 am - I left at about 12:30). Also on Friday night in the Main House where people hung around.

And all day there were little scenes of people jamming.

When I was a counsellor I got into guitar and banjo playing. I still have the banjo I bought on the way home from camp - it's not in very good shape and hard to keep in tune and I haven't touched it in a while. In later years my music got into recorders, harp, and choral singing, but that is another story. Now it is mostly just singing Take Me Out to the Ball Game and Sweet Caroline.

Andy Stein (Prairie Home Companion musician) was a camper in my cabin one year. When we talked on Saturday he told me I was a big influence on him. Among other things I had brought a record player and some records with me to have in the cabin. He cited Mountain Music Bluegrass Style as a trigger for him. When I went into that cabin (I'd been one of the 2 counselors in that cabin for 2 of my 3 years) I noticed that the counselor's room was a bit smaller due to bathroom creation/expansion - I think I had the record player in the room and it might not fit now - but on the other hand an iPod is a lot smaller.

My co-counselor was Ed Badeax, another folk musician and among other things the author of the Folkways records Songs of Camp and Sounds of Camp that were recorded at Killooleet. (Ed wasn't there this weekend.)

At the campfire we had a special treat of Pete leading us in several songs in his inimitable way. And he told/sung AbiYoyo which has always been one of my favorites.

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