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Some activities at Camp Killooleet

On Saturday morning we gathered in front of the main house for a Choice period - actually it was really Drifting. I decided to go to Archery and Riflery. Some people went to look at the horses - they now live across the brook and the road instead of on the main campus where the horses wee really ponies. Of course we couldn't choose shop or other things like that since all the equipment was put away. For lunch we hike-day food: hardtack, peanut butter, jelly, american cheese, oranges and other fruit, and chocolate bars.

Here's the first shooter getting some instruction. It was a bit tricky since he was left-handed and it was a right-handed rifle. The owner mentioned that he was trying to donate it to camp but because he bought it many years ago in a different state, ATF made it quite difficult to do the transfer.

When it was my turn I was to get two sets of 5 rounds to shoot the first set at the left bullseye and the second set at the right one. Of course I forgot and the first two of the second set were shot at the left bullseye,. I did pretty well after 50 years.
Here's my target. It was a 50 yard target instead of 50 foot one so the bullseye was larger than it should have been. For those of us who hadn't done this in a long time it was probably a good idea. (The icon on this post was me in my ROTC uniform at MIT where we did some work with M1s.)

After this I went to archery where I got some good pointers on form but still missed the target some of the time. I did better at LCFD dance camp at the Woodstock YMCA camp in the spring but the target was closer.

Later I was going to go canoeing but the canoes and kayaks were being used to help plant some trees out on the mini-islands in the lake. In the afternoon I did take a small dip in the lake. It was warmer than Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester this week and I didn't have to worry about the rip current.
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