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Camping trip pt3

Behind the Bread and Puppet Museum was the Paper Maché Cathedral - also called the dirt floor theatre. It was about to be used for a wedding; guests were gathering while we were there. I'm sure we could have stayed if we wanted to.

Here is the program for the wedding. See step 6.

And back in the museum again. Some of these objects were not puppets.

Street Dragon - apparently made by some kids.

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Here is the program for the wedding. See step 6.

Not to mention step 10. (#7 is kind of a head-scratcher.)

Kaspar is a traditional German/Austrian Puppet character - actually Kasperle.

"Bread and Puppet Theater an American based company under the direction of Silesian-born Peter Schumann often presents short skits by the fictitious "Rotten Idea Theater Company" which features multiple Kaspars. The Kaspars are generally violent, dishonest tricksters, and play out some form of political or social satire while beating each other with clubs."

This was more fun when I knew less about it.

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