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Camping Trip pt 4 - trip to canada

Magog, a Quebec town at the top of Lake Mempremagog (the US town at the bottom is not Memphre, but Newport) was having a food vendor's fair. We drove to Canada in two cars, Chris' Camper: Pumpkin and Rob's car. At the Canadian border, Pumpkin went through first and then it was our turn. They took our passports and asked questions about where we were from and where we were going. Something triggered their suspicions - perhaps when Pumpkin took off after we'd said we were traveling with them. They wanted to know how we knew each other and why we all had beards and why there were no women. We explained that were gay folk dancers but they continued questioning. They said they'd look up our passports so we should more the car and wait. They came back in a few minutes and asked more questions and then searched the trunk of the car. Then they let us go.

The food vendors fair was in a huge tent. There were many wine, beer, cheese, paté, chocolate etc, booths. Admission was $20 Canadian and it gave you a wine glass and 20 coupons that could be traded in for samples. And you could buy their products. It was incredible crowded so it was hard to get around and actually see what the samples were. The several wines I tried weren't very interesting. We did go outside the tent and bought fancy hotdogs (they had lamb or duck) from a booth.

A wood carving at the campground, the only bear we saw other than ourselves and other campers.

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Envy. As always.

Your route must have taken you very close to where I grew up: Lancaster NH.

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