JWG (jwg) wrote,

Home from South America

We're back from a most fabulous trip to Peru and Chile. It was even better than I expected and my expectations were high. I need to work on pictures by selecting a few from the ~1600 I took for some detailed postings but here is a quick summary

- In Lima we toured several cemeteries which were jam packed with people honoring the graves and enjoying themselves on the Day of the Dead and some some historical buildings in the center of town.

- In Cusco and its surrounding area we visited some of the best of the Spanish colonial architecture and some Inca structures.

- In Machu Picchu we spent many hours wandering about the ruins and climbing to the Sun Gate which is where hikers on the Inca Trail get their first view.

- On Easter Island we saw many many Moia including some under construction and some in bad shape.

- We learned a lot about Inca and Rapa Nui history and culture from our two well informed and personable guides.

I've wanted to go to Machu Picchu for a very long time. We were supposed to go in March but heavy rains washed out the railroad so this was the postponed trip which was augmented by a trip to Easter Island. We probably got better weather in Machu Picchu now than in March. The weather was quite good. It was cloudy in Lima (it apparently always is) and there were occasional rain showers elsewhere but they all occurred at night or when we were in a bus traveling to another spot.

Cusco is at 11,300 ft and a bit higher nearby which presented a bit of a challenge to many of us; but everyone did OK, with struggling up stairways and lots of fast pulse rates. Sleeping the first night in Cusco was a challenge.
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