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Lima - Day of the Dead

It was still one day before the official start of the trip but many of us were there. We made a trip into Lima to visit two adjacent colossal cemeteries on the Day of the Dead where we were told there would be huge crowds - and there were. The cemeteries have many huge arrays of graves - a bit like Japanese compartment hotels - but even bigger. There were also lots of more elaborate monuments. There were many people there refreshing flowers and doing other decorations as well. Many vendors selling food and trinkets including some pretty fancy bread and candies. We saw/heard a choir.

The tour guides warned us to be careful and the many police who were present also warned us. It felt perfectly safe. There were huge crowds of people but the place was vast and there was lots of room to wander about. It was an interesting experience and we were all glad we went.

There were many of these structures and lots of people:

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The choir and a bit of view (47 sec)
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