JWG (jwg) wrote,

Lost keys .... found

Yesterday, the driver's side door lock wouldn't unlock. I tried another key and it also didn't work. The lock worked fine from the inside.

I went upstairs when I got home to find the lock lubricant, but using it didn't help. So now I need to deal with this broken lock. The driver's side lock on my '92 Subaru is the only one that locks/unlocks all the doors, so this failure is a double pain.

Today I was about to go to the gym and couldn't find my house keys (on the same ring as the car key). Generally speaking they are always in my pants pocket or left in the house door. I looked everywhere twice and couldn't find them. I looked around the car, inside the car, etc. Then I thought if I could find the lubricant, the keys would be there. Well I didn't put back the lubricant in its designated place (so what's new?) and looked several places - in the car, on other shelves... Then I thought - perhaps it is in the waste basket where I threw out the paper towel I used to clean the key. The paper towel was there, and the lubricant was there, but no car keys.

I went back up to the third floor to look around and suddenly I noticed I had another pair of jeans hanging up. And that's where the keys were. This morning I apparently put on the wrong pair of jeans but since they also had change and a handkerchief in their pockets they had all the signs of the current pair.

Now, I can go to the gym.

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