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Banana Sled racing on Easter Island

We lucked out in our timing when we heard that there was going to be Banana Sled racing one day while we were there. Contestants are decked out in body paint, almost no clothes, and sometimes feathers or other decor. There were men, women, and children who did it. The sleds are constructed from two stalks of a banana tree lashed together and the people slide down a long steep hill - usually holding their legs up in the air. I think this is only done several times a year; I don't think this was a major contest because there weren't a huge amount of spectators there. I took lots of pictures of course and a few movies. My camera isn't ideal for movies and at least once I had to scramble to get out of the way when a sled went significantly off course.


Click for pics -> </a

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That looks like fun!

Too bad there were no scantily clad older gray bearded types there!! ;)

Well I was there, but I was fully dressed. I'd say all the people competing were fairly youthful - it was pretty rugged.

Yeah, this is definitely a young person's sport.

Now I understand why you were so, how can I say it? - excited - by your trip to Easter Island.

I suppose it would be uncouth of me to express regret that you didn't get video of the guy who lost his loincloth when he fell off at the end of his run.

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