JWG (jwg) wrote,

On getting married in Cambridge Mass

rsc and I just returned from a political fund raising event for Jarrett Barrios. Jarrett is my state senator, an out gay young politician who I have supported since he started running for office first for state representative. He said that he thinks that there is nothing in the decision to prevent municipalities from issuing licences and that some cities and towns may be doing it. Cambridge is one of them!

Brian Murphy, one if the Cambridge city councillors, was there and he told me he had just filed an order for next Monday's city council meeting ordering the City Clerk to start issuing licenses. There are nine councillors, we went over the list, and it is likely that there would be 6 or 7 votes for it. It might not get voted on on Monday since any councillor is allowed to "charter right" any item which delays any discussion or action for one meeting. (The next meeting is Dec 8). Brian hadn't met with the city solicitor yet to see what the legal office of the city thought. I think if they offer no legal roadblocks it is going to pass.
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