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The work force has assembled

As usual everyone comes down for Christmas to see the tree.

Left-right - Top Row:
Ludwig, Lawrence, Samuel, (Halcyon, Cerulean, Azure), Wurlitzer, Alexander, Percy, Chesterfield, Prentice, Llewellyn, Toby, Edward, Miss Griggles

Bottom Row:
Xavier, Daniel, Schoenberg, T.J., Marcus, Bartholomew, McAllister, Steven, Eggleston, Roland, Sebastian, Roderick, Martha, Woolly, Teddy, Aristotle, Rutherford, Guinea Pigs 1&2, James, Kropotkin, Agamemnon, Xerxes, Balboa, Julius, Torrington, Quentin, Andrew, Paul, Stirling, Freddie, Burningbright, Timothy, Balthazar, Ulysses, Martin, Michael

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i love those guys! merry xmas to all

Stunning group - I love seeing them all together.

(I do think, honestly, that Guinea Pigs 1&2 should protest - they truly got short changed in the name game.)

The convention is that these people tell us their names when they arrive - or sometime after. Lawrence, the Koala was very shy and he took some weeks before he was willing to talk. The guinea pigs aren't able to remember their names. What adds to the confusion is that we don't know which one is #1 and which is #2.

Ahhhhh Stealth GPs. Probably they can't divulge until their mission is completed. Gotcha.

Never thought of that angle. We always assumed that because they were so narrow, there wasn't room for enough brains to keep their names.

In the unlikely event that anybody is trying, and failing, to identify everybody, it should be noted that Andrew (the white puma) is not actually visible in this picture -- he kind of fell behind Torrington.

Edited at 2010-12-25 07:53 pm (UTC)

That bis an *ULTRA-CUTE* photo... Merry Christmas to you two!!

Thanks, and thanks for the virtual tree ornament (almost missed that because it appeared in my junk folder - but I do check it).

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