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Gender Neutral bathrooms

I'm a co-chair of the Cambridge GLBT Commission and one of the things we had been working on was having gender-neutral bathrooms in city buildings and public places. This week there was a City Council order asking for a study leading to a proposed ordinance and it was passed. One of the Commissioners drafted it and it was introduced by Denise Simmons, the councillor who originally got the Commission created.

Creating such places is really important for Transgender people but we point out that they are also important for parents of opposite gender children and for people with opposite gender aides who need to use a bathroom.

Not all press reporting is bad. Today the Boston Herald published an article about this. The reporter, Christine McConville, interviewed me by phone early in the afternoon. Later that afternoon I was over at City Councillor Henrietta Davis' house helping her with her campaign database and the reporter called Henrietta there. Then later in the evening she called me to go over what she had written and I got her to make a few changes.

Of course, if you read the comments they are mostly hateful as you'd expect. I suppose some people think that we mean that there would be no gendered bathrooms but that is not what is intended.
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