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Crossing: A Memoir by Deirdre McCloskey

Yesterday I got Crossing: A Memoir by Deirdre McCloskey from the library and lay down to read it and didn't stop until I got to the last page. This is an account by Deirdre, a noted economist, who was about her Gender Crossing from being Donald to Deirdre.

She tells with much candor a moving story about her life experience in this transition. She has many thought-provoking observations about going through the transition, families, the medical profession, homophobia, scientists, gender-oriented characteristics, friendship et al. I definitely recommend that people read this book.

One thing that surprised me was her rejection by the Iowa City Ocean Wave Square Dance Community during the early stages of her crossing. Of course this was ~15 years ago and perhaps things have changed there since then. We have certainly seen tremendous growth of acceptance in the straight Contra Dance community of dancing opposite gender roles and gay men dancing with straight men and looking at each other in the eyes and smiling.
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Oh no, not looking in the eyes! That's just scary :-)

As recently as last March I was in a discussion on the Bay Area Country Dance Society mailing list where some people were complaining about "gender swapping" (meaning dance roles, not trans people) and "social engineering" -- fortunately most people in the discussion had very positive things to say.

I met Deirdre about 10 years ago when she visited London. She is a lovely person and I treated her to lunch while we discussed transportation economics (her specialism and one of my interests). So you know Deirdre at one remove.

I want to take Crossing out again and reread it now.

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