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At the Khan el-Khalili Souk in Cairo

Late in the afternoon of our first day in Cairo (we were at a hotel by the airport that night) we went into the Khan el-Khalili Souk Bazaar. It is pretty a well known spot. By one of the entrances there was a Mosque and there was a steady parade of people taking off their shoes and going in to pray - another entrance was inside. Each little shop had a huge array of attractive stuff as you can see in these pictures and a very polite salesman trying to get you to buy. They all said "Welcome to Egypt" many times. I think we were some of the first tourists who have come to Egypt since the revolution. None of us bought anything - the advice was to offer 30% of what they asked. I'd guess we passed a couple of hundred of these booths and there were many more. We left this souk and a couple of blocks away there was another one with wares more suited to the locals.

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Such beautiful colors!

Interesting things for sale there!

Travel does broaden the mind!

Great pictures, John. At some point (in Luxor, I think), we also stumbled into a shop that sold women's underclothing. It was perfectly ok to take pictures of the underwear (in this country, people would be horrified to see you snapping pictures of bras) but it was definitely not ok to take pictures of women. Enjoy your trip!

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