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The Colosseum

This Colosseum is too small to play baseball in - and we saw no lions either but we did spend a lot of time walking around it and in it. The platform on which all the action took place is gone so you can see lots of the semi-ruined structure below.

A few photos of the Colosseum

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I see they are very big on walking sticks! Question: Are there places to buy big floppy hats for sun protection, or should I get one here?

Bring a good hat - Rome is expensive and I haven't seen much other than Fezes in Egypt.

Great, thanks! OMG fezes, I want a dozen!

It sounds like you're planning a trip to Rome. I was not on top of things to make this suggestion to jwg before he went, so I'll make it to you:

If you have the time, check out the Trastevere area, which is very interesting, and try to have a meal at Trattoria da Enzo. Here is a link to a review with the contact details.


Like the reviewer, we found it based on, in fact, two different recommendations from Romans. We were staying in an apartment just down the street from it last fall.

Have a good trip.

Edited at 2011-03-12 09:01 pm (UTC)

I am actually going to Egypt, only passing through Rome, mi discpiace!

Those photos are wonderful - thank you for posting 'em!

looks like they've gotten rid of the manic traffic circle around the place...

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