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How Wine Became Modern

We went to SFMoma and saw this great exhibit: How Wine Became Modern - closing April 17. They had a wall filled with amusing bottles, another exhibit where they had soil samples and the current weather from vineyards all over the world, and exhibit of glasses, a video that showed the evolution of wine exporting from various places and little bits of info about how certain movies had a great influence on specific wine choices (such as Sideways).

The was a long narrated video of a man in a white suit carrying a glass of red wine through the streets of Bordeaux. He had a camera mounted on himself that showed the wine glass. Over time his suit became a lot redder. We watched for quite a long time.

Captions like this appeared.
Hamster cages is fighting words. First used to elaborate a French Syrah's earthy nose, the term provoked outrage among conservative winemakers who responded by denouncing the young bucks' linguistic excess. One wine merchant remarked: "If they continue like this, we'll sone have customers requesting wines that smell like Sumo wrestler's thighs."

They had an array of wine bottles with squeezable bulbs that allowed you to check out the aroma of each bottle and see whether you recognized the smell as described. There was a wine named Cat's Pee which was renamed Cat's Phee to be more palatable.

A few pics:
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