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at the NEFFA festival

This weekend was the New England Folk Festival. It takes place at the Mansfield Middle & High schools from Friday evening through Sun afternoon. There are 10 - 15 activities going on at any time with big dance sessions in the two gyms.

Our group runs a food booth in the Middle School cafeteria. We sell Italian food + lots of other stuff: pasta with tomato, pesto, or butter sauce, with meatballs or veggie balls (large or small), + hotdogs, + meatball subs + muffins, scones, cookies croissants, + hot/cold coffee, tea, lemonade, + hardboiled eggs, salad, fruit cup, + yogurt. At breakfast time there were popovers and corn-cheddar frittatas. We had about 30 volunteers. I worked there for about 15 hours - at unload-setup / teardown-load and as a food server. Profits go to our various dance groups. It really is lots of fun doing this. We have a great group of people who all work together well and and fun bantering with the customers - quite a few of whom many of us know from dances and previous festivals. The school staff - maintenance and kitchen are all extremely helpful and friendly and it is a pleasure to work with them. (This was not really true at the Natick High school where NEFFA used to be held).

When not working I did some contra dancing and some English Country dancing. We got home after 7 last night, and took short naps. Then strangely we decided to not go to the BIDA contra dance in Cambridge - the fact that my legs didn't want to walk or stand had a bit to do with that decision.

There are various vendors - clothes, decor, musical instruments, CDs. We bought two more skirts - as if we really needed them.

I got a chance to have productive talks with several film makers who will help in various consulting or other roles to be determined. LCFD is planning on making a video soon about our Gender Free dance movement; still lots of decisions to make as to what the emphasis is - a documentary - or more "marketing" oriented.

I wanted to talk to some sound people because we are going to replace our ancient (>20 years old) sound system mixer but didn't get a chance to do that. (This morning I got our mixer/amp back from a successful repair to one of the volume sliders).

All in all it was a great weekend - lots of fun - talked and danced with lots of people. It'll be a few days before we know how much many we made but all signs look good since we sold out almost all our food.

I lost my button with the red footed boobie feet in this icon, but I can make another one.