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At the MesoAmerica exhibit at the MFA

The other day before going to Fenway Park we went to the MFA to look at the Chihuly exhibit.

We had more time so we wandered through a few more rooms. I was taken by many of the objects in the MesoAmerica section. I see a future Central America trip - I've been to Mexico City umpteen years ago, Belize, Costa Rica, and Tikal in Guatemala but there's lots more.

We still haven't seen the whole new fantastic Arts of the Americas wing; each room takes lots of time because they are chock full of interesting stuff. (More about Chihuly to come).

Click below for a Flickr set.

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(Deleted comment)
We're going tomorrow.

I just stumbled over this the other day via Google+ It's photos of a private Chihuly ceiling and sculpture install. Very cool.


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