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Planning ahead is a good idea

Seeing vaneramos's post of the recipe for Hello Dollies reminds me of my favorite cooking story.

I was making this simple recipe which is almost the same. I got out a mixing bowl, a baking pan, buttered the pan, and turned on the oven. I went to the pantry closet and got a box of graham crackers, took some out and crumbled them with a rolling pin and put them in a mixing bowl. Then I went to the closet to get the walnuts; I brought them in and chopped them up to add to the bowl.

Then I went back to the pantry for the chocolate bits. Oops - none to be found. So I trudged out to the nearby Store 24 and bought a package. I came home and poured them in the bowl.

Then it was back to the closet for the Condensed Milk. Guess what - there was none. So another trip to Store 24 for it. Fortunately this was the last ingredient; I really would have checked for any others if there were more.

This recipe was in my head so there wasn't an ingredient list to look at and check. Which brings up my cranberry bread recipe which does have an ingredient list - one of the items in the list is:
why no wheat germ?

I usually add some wheat germ. And since we just bought some cranberries it is time to make some.

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Did you leave the oven on for all those trips to the store?

Hehe, that was good. I live directly kitty-corner to a variety store, and couldn't begin to count the number of times I have run across the street for a neglected ingredient like chicken stock or sour cream.

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