JWG (jwg) wrote,

The Cow's Stomach

Last weekend we went on our usual Labor Day camping trip with a bunch of friends. It was in Vermont - at a State Park on the Connecticut river which had not much damage. The river had been up almost 25 feet, but most of the camp site was about 50 above river level.

We went to the Vermont State Fair and in several pavilions that had cows, rabbits, and other wild life. We espied several digestive system diagrams - some drawn by children.

This poster had the definition of a cow. In summary it says:
In brief the externally visible features are: two lookers, two hookers,
four stand uppers, four hanger-downers and a swishey-wishey.

This one was of a cow (the fine print is hard to read).

This of course suggested the well-known cow's stomach diagram drawn by Bernie Greenberg to illustrate a new page control locking system for Multics (drawn in 1976).

Tags: humor, science, vermont

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