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Collapse: another instance

A while ago I read a great book by Jared Diamond: Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed. In this he describes his theory of reasons why this happens: climate change, hostile neighbors, collapse of trading partners, environmental problems, and failure to adapt to environmental issues. He gives an analysis to many occurrences in history.

We have just seen the collapse of another nation - RedSox Nation.

Last night the floundering tribe lost a battle for a number of reasons but one of the important hurling-warriors floundered at a critical moment and gave up a fatal blow. At the same time two other warring tribes were battling and the one most known for its empire was not using its best hurling-warriors and gave up its dominant lead to the current RedSox Nation enemy in an earlier-that-evening battle and then moments after the RedSox failure that tribe suckomed.

Now what were the causes of this? Many people believed at the beginning of the year that RedSox Nation was destined for World Domination by the end of the year. The General-Chief had acquired several club-wielding warriors at great expense and the battery of hurling-warriors looked quite formidable. Several other warriors had recovered from serious injuries incurred in last year's battles.

Many onlookers and scribes think that the chiefs did not properly respond to anticipated climate changes in their choice of the correct warriors and then as the climate changed during the year as a result of the many battles between warring tribes they didn't do a good job of choice of warriors in critical situations.

Several of the hostile neighbors turned out to be stronger than originally anticipated. Proper steps were not taken to deal with the changing situation. In the battles in the last month there were significant failures at every level.

There was definitely a problem with trading partners because as some of the warriors got injured in the many battles during the year good trades were not able to be made.

The environment is tough for these warriors - they fight a battle almost every day, sometimes in poor weather or timing conditions and have to travel during the middle of the night to seek out other tribes. Earlier this month the tribe was in a good position relative to other tribes but then many battles were lost and the environment was completely different. Some think that the training and conditioning earlier in the year was not good enough and made some of the warriors more vulnerable to injuries or just tiring - and there were several critical and a number of minor ones. Appropriate replacements were not found or used properly.

What the next steps will be is unknown.

- Some of the current warriors may defect to other tribes.

- There will be negotiation with other tribes.

- The highest level chiefs may decide to replace the operational chiefs.

- New medicine men with various skill sets might be found to deal rehabilitation and conditioning.

- And a long shot: maybe the root cause is the water supply and a new vendor will be found.
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