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Looking out the window

Snow 88

Yesterday when looking out the window I saw the following image in the snow. It almost seemed like someone was shining an 88 on the snow similar to when you sometimes see a logo projected on the sidewalk. This is a bit underexposed because of the bright sun spots but the snow surface was shaded by the building across the street. We think it was actually the reflection of the sun shining on my two two-paned upstairs windows and the redness was due to the dark red color of my house - but am not confident. There were some shiny pieces of metal on the light pole, but I don't think they had anything too do with it.

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There's absolutely no question that it was reflection from those windows, since standing with the shadow of one's head blocking either of the bright spots resulted in reflection from the corresponding window shining in one's eyes. I'm not sure why the penumbra (so to speak) was red, but the color of the house (specifically the window frames) seems like a good bet.

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