May 8th, 2003


30 Years and he still can't read my mind!

I have been reading From here you can't see Paris by Michael Sanders, a delightful book about a restaurant in Les Arques, a very small town in France. It is a most delightful book capturing the essence of small town France with a lot of information about how a restuarant is run, about truffles, and other such things. I borrowed it from the library and it is due today. Yesterday I remarked that I should renew it since I haven't finished it.

Today while going downtown to see the Hundertwasser exibit at the Pucker Gallery on Newbury St, rsc said "Have you renewed the book?". I said I hadn't. Then my mind went on to think about the book, the restaurant, and Les Arques for a while and then I blurted out "I wonder where it is". Robert had absolutely no idea of what I was talking about. Strange - I knew exactly.

I would have had no trouble understanding (I think) because that is what many conversations with my mother were. She would suddenly be talking about something we had talked about a long time ago and I always knew what it was.

I couldn't renew the book - there must be people waiting for it.