July 23rd, 2003


The invention of a dehumidifier

You might have seen the article in rsc's LJ about The Mystery of the Rainbow Hat in which this hat
rainbow hat

gets damp after being dried in the dryer or in the sun.

We performed a conclusive experiment to find the source of the water. After drying it we placed it in a ZipLock bag and opened it after about 12 hours and it was dry. This proved that it was absorbing moisture from the air. So I think we have invented a dehumidifying device.

It is time to file a patent. I'm still working on the claims, researching the prior art, and preparing the rest of the specification.


A dehumidifying system consisting of a fabric object that if left in the open air will absorb moisture. Its intent is to move moisture from inside a building to outside the building. The device can be reset by placing it in the sun for a while so that it can be used again. The device is usually shaped like a hat so that the resetting operation can easily occur by its being worn by a person going outside. This device needs to be initialized so that can in operate in its intended fashion. This is most easily done if the object is hat-like by the wearer placing it on his or her head after swimming in a lake. Lake Cayuga in upstate NY is one such lake, but many other lakes can be used for this purpose. The device is usually seen in a rainbow colored pattern, but other patterns are possible. Other versions of this invention are possible such as a dog coat.