April 11th, 2005


My career as a food service worker...

This weekend was the occasion of the New England Folk Festival (61st annual). It takes place at the Natick High School. The large gym is used mostly for Contra Dance and English Country dance, the small gym downstairs for additional dancing, there is an Auditorium for performances and many other rooms for other activities. Morris and sword dancers perform in the courtyard (the weather was great); there are crafts sales, other folk activities, and a bunch of food booths. The event has ~1500 volunteers ranging from musicians to floor sweepers and I don't know how many 1000s of attendees. Neffa Food Booth
The dancing is great - excellent callers and bands doing their best - and lots of smiling participants. We had lots of fun but were completely exhausted from the dancing and the labor below.

This year as several years in the past Lavender Country & Folk Dancers and Boston Gay & Lesbian Dancers operated a food booth. Our ethnicity was Italian - we served pasta with marinara sauce with or without meat of veggie meat balls, salad, hot dogs, meatball subs, lemonade and iced tea. We had about 30 volunteers doing the work. Chris Ricciotti (pictured behind the cut), our Queen Mum, was head chef and manager, rsc was volunteer coordinator.

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I'm glad that my career was in something else other than food service!