January 14th, 2006


September 25, 1972

from an old journal
Amsterdam 9/25: Not quite as sunny. Up early for a last walk before the train to Paris. An open air flea market in Italian section - shoes, 2nd hand clothes, cloth, food, flowers, pots, dishes, toys - you name it.
The train was slow - in tempo - actually. 350 miles in 6 hours is not bad with about 15 stops. Lots of windmills and other Dutch looking stuff (boats, canals) on way. Couple got into compartment at Rotterdam - European couple - red nose on man, prim lady in pants and sweater - they were off to Barcelona. And a bunch of Moroccans with big suitcases - a quiet trip none-the-less.
French countryside more interesting than other - hilly, verdant, cows, trees, etc. No immigration/customs people at all.
Hotels in Paris crowded - back to Hotel St. Germain - top floor - no bath, quiet in back. OK though. Good dinner at ... crowded - efficient - red wine, nice. A café on Boul. St. Germain and then to bed.

a bit of geekery while watching football

We were watching the Seahawks / Redskins game today. At some point there was a view of some buildings next to the stadium in Seattle. I asked rsc if he thought one was the one where susandennis lived that we visited last summer. He said I don't know - but it looked familiar to me and the location seemed correct. A quick check on Switchboard to find the address and then to Google Earth (which finally made it to OSX) - sure enough it matched the image (I had to Tivo back to look at it again).