January 19th, 2006

WS Ticket

Fever Pitch

For New Year's Eve we watched Fever Pitch. It was a very funny romantic comedy with special appeal to Red Sox fans. This movie was being made during the 2004 Red Sox season and required some extra rewrite at the last minute. The movie crew had an interesting challenge since they decided on the day of the last WS game while they were in Toronto that they had to go to St Louis for some filming on scene.

For a Red Sox fan this was a very special movie and we enjoyed it a lot. But for any serious sports fan the film would have some interest because of the humor about the obsessiveness of sports fans. (Obsessive? well, I've occasional checked baseball scores on my cell phone in the middle of a contra dance).

What really struck me is that the screen play by Nick Hornby is based upon his autobiographical book about being an English football fan! I see there was a 1997 movie with the English plot which I'd like to see for contrast and I just ordered it from the library.

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He has lots of commentary about his own personal dilemmas, the sociology of sports fans, working class people, adults behaving like children, and the politics of team ownership and stadium building. The book was a bit too long and repetitive, but I did enjoy it.